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My name is Ashley Rodkey. I have been teaching for the past 12 years in various positions and districts. This is my third year at Szetela. I have a BA in Art Education, BS in Child Development, and a MSEd in Special Education; Severe Disabilities.
  • Learning about color mixing. Students work on color mixing using colored shapes and wands on a light table.
  • Sometimes preschool is messy! Learning about circles and working on gross motor skills.
  • Learning about healthy eating and working on sorting items into categories. Sorting Vegetables based on color, we also sort based on food categories (e.g. dairy, meat), and size
  • Learning about color mixing using eye droppers and water colors, then learning about the different flower parts when creating a flower.
  • Learning about cause and effect, volume, and fine motor skills through playing with dyed (dried) chickpeas in the sensory bin