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 Fundraisers Throughout The School Year

Restaurant Dine-Ins

Throughout the school year a variety of local restaurants participate in donating a portion of their earnings back to our school.  Please check our school calendar to see where and when we are dining each month!  

Box Tops for Education

Our school collects Box Tops off of many items you probably already have in your household! Each Box Top is worth 10 cents that will be donated back to our school!  Just think...10 Box Tops equals $1.00.  The more you save, the more that goes toward events for our students.

Participating Product List

Printable Collection Sheets

Calendar Raffle

We have a calendar raffle for the month of January.  Raffle tickets get distributed for families to sell starting in November.  This is our big fundraiser to raise money for all the fun events we plan for the students and their families. 

Basket Raffle

We have a basket raffle for the spring months.  Each classroom gets assigned a theme for a basket and families are asked to work together to donate items to fill it.  Raffle tickets get distributed for families to sell.

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