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Welcome to my classroom! Each year, I look forward to teaching your children. There are many exciting and fun things to see and learn about, in addition to, being kind, caring, and a good friend to others. So come along as a school year of wonderful opportunities and memories are waiting for you. :)
To contact us, using my email address is the best way. We will also be using a ClassDojo App where you will be given a classroom activation code and asked to join. The app is amazing and lets families see into our classroom through class stories and pictures and also allows you to message me personally.
Mrs. M. (Teacher)
Mrs. Amy (Paraprofessional)
  • Entering into Classroom
  • Meeting Time Area/Whole Class Group
  • Family Life Center
  • Literacy Center/Teacher Table
  • Playdough/Puzzle Center
  • Math/Science Center/Teacher Table
  • Writing/Drawing Center
  • Library/Listening Center
  • Block Center
  • Dollhouse
  • Our Very Own Mailboxes
  • Sand/Sensory Table
  • Classroom Jobs
  • Classroom Rules
  • Better Choice Chair
  • Daily Communication Bags
  • Classroom Message