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All About Me
Welcome to Szetela Preschool and to my office!

I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW), and Certified School Adjustment Counselor (CSAC) here in the state of Massachusetts. In my role here at Szetela, I am the School Adjustment Counselor and 504 Coordinator. I have been working in the Chicopee Public School District since 2006. I have worked at the middle, elementary and pre-k grade levels within the district.
As an undergraduate, I studied Psychology, Sociology, and Communication and earned my Bachelor's degree at Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven, CT in 1997.
I earned my Master's degree at Gallaudet University in Washington, DC in 2001. As a graduate student at Gallaudet I studied School Social Work with Deaf and Hard of Hearing students. Upon graduation, I was fairly fluent in American Sign Language, although I have not maintained that skill level.
I have worked in Deaf Education as a School Adjustment Counselor, at a Deaf Psychiatric Treatment facility in Mt. Dora Florida as a therapist, and at The Department of Children and Families in East Springfield as a social worker. But I have to admit that my role here as the School Adjustment Counselor have been my happiest and most fulfilling years as a professional to date.
I am deeply grateful to get to do this work, and proud to work with this group of amazing teachers, paraprofessionals, and service providers here at Szetela who share my passion for the work that we do here. Thank you for choosing Szetela Preschool and entrusting us with the continued education and development of your children.
Resources on Mindfulness
The practice of Mindfulness is one that is important for children and adults alike in learning to self-regulate their emotions and their impact on us physically and behaviorally. The more skilled that we adults become at self-regulating our own emotions, the better we are at modeling those vital daily coping skills for the students.
Resources for Parents of New and Transitioning Students
Transitions and change are so difficult for most people. Here are some resources and information that might prove helpful to both parents and students alike.
Resources on American Sign Language for New Language Learners
Often times students who are learning language can benefit from the use of visual language such as American Sign Language. Here you will find resources on some basic signs such as those your child will often use at school. I have included a list of signs from a booklet called Signs at School.
Schedule an Appointment with Me
As the School Adjustment Counselor my focus is on the social/emotional/behavioral component of your child's development specifically here at school. I have an open-door policy. Often times parents have found it helpful to meet with me to discuss their concerns about social/emotional/behavioral issues that are happening at home that might impact a student's functioning here at school. The most efficient way to contact me is via the old-fashioned method...telephone. Feel free to also email. You may also make an appointment by coming to the front office and requesting to see me and make an appointment with me in-person.

Office Phone: (413) 594-3597 ext. 107
Email Address: